Best Moscow Mule Recipe with Ginger Beer

The Moscow mule is an alcoholic cocktail drink that uses vodka, lime, and ginger beer.  This drink is served in highball glasses.  However, if you want to serve it how it was intentionally done, the

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The History Of Beer In Cans

Beer has been around for many centuries.  In fact, scientists even agree that the making of beer predates even the birth of Christ, at roughly 10,000 B.C.  In the past, beer was mostly placed and

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The Difference Between Ales And Lagers

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that has been around for many centuries.  It is believed that the first beer was brewed at around 10,000 B.C.  Today, beer is considered by many as the most popular alcoholic drink.  This intoxicating substance is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink all over the world.  In fact, there is even a month dedicated to the drinking of beer called Oktoberfest.  While the roots of this much celebrated drinking decadence is very much different to how it is celebrated now, it is nevertheless a celebration that many avid fan of beer do not allow to pass without a pint or two.

There are two main classifications of beers – the ales and the lagers.  For most people, the difference between the two is mostly the color as ales tend to have a much darker color while lagers tend to have a clear and lighter color.  While this is the most common telltale difference between the two, another difference is the taste as ales have more complex taste and thicker body whereas lagers tend to have a lighter taste and aroma.

Ales and lagers are both beers with roughly the same ingredients being used in their manufacturing process.  Even so, there are distinctly three main differences between the two in terms of how they are made.

Brewing temperature is one of the things that create a difference between the two.  Ale is brewed at warmer temperatures while lager is brewed at colder temperature than ale.  Another difference-maker is the fermenting process used wherein ale is top-fermenting and that the fermentation occurs at the top inside the fermentation tank, and lager is bottom-fermenting and that the fermentation occurs at the bottom inside the fermenting tank.  The third difference is the time wherein they are made.  Ale ferments much faster and can be processed nearly after fermenting is done, which is only in just a few weeks.  Lager on the other hand requires a longer time fermenting, normally in months, thus resulting in clearer and finer beer.

As a beer, the difference between ales and lagers can be likened to as how red and white wines are different.  Although both wines are made using grapes and that the manufacturing process is very much alike, the difference between the resulting products is very different, with which, in this case, ales and lagers, although are both beer in nature, are very much different from each other.